Wherever I Am  That Is My 道場 DoJo   Whatever I Do  That Is My 稽古 KeIKo
Aikido Is 武道 Budo To Train How To Live
どこでも  私のいるところ  そこが私の道場    何でも  私のすること  それが私の稽古
The classes year round are held at Barrhaven United Church Dojo
Ottawa Canada
Barrhaven United Church Dojo
3013 Jockvale Rd
(Entrance on the east side of the building)
We Are Back In Dojo 

We accept people who are

- Fully Vaccinated to enter the Dojo - 2 weeks after the 2nd shot, if you are 12 yrs and up.

*Please indicate your Vaccine Receipt if you haven't yet, and Photo ID if you are new to the Dojo.

-with Mask on

Please attend the class only if you are comfortable with it, and you are safe for others.

*Will take your temperature before the class. 

-Hand Sanitizer on-site : Please sanitize before, during and after the class.

Regular Class
8 : 00 pm - 9 : 00 pm
Age 10yrs and up
Age 6yrs to 9yrs with parent
ZOOM Class
8 : 00 pm - 9 : 00 pm
S  T  A  Y    F  I  T    S  T  A  Y    S  A  F  E
合氣道段級審査 / 免状
Aikido Dan Kyu Grading / Certificate
Dan Kyu Grading 2013
IMAG1898 Algonquin Dojo.jpg
Regular Classes
Algonquin College
Jan 2015 - Sep 2018
IMG_0674 Joint Class.jpg
Joint Class
Gary Roberts Sensei
Ottawa Aikido Centre / Merrickville Aikikai
Mar 4, 2018
SY New Dojo.jpg
Regular Classes
Stronger You
Mar 2013 - Feb 2016
WBSC WebPhoto.jpg
Regular Classes
Walter Baker Sports Centre
Sep 2010 - Sep 2015

Martial Arts Retreat Aikido / Stronger You
Yoga Garden / QC
Aug 11, 2013

Summer Session 2011
Barrhaven United Church Dojo
Jul, Aug

Aikido's technical approach to

Ryusei Karate-do Ottawa Winter Clinic
Feb 20, 2011

Special August Session 2010
Jockvale Elementary School

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T  h  e   A  r  t   O  f   P  e  a  c  e
Past Sessions